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I'm a small-town Montana girl with big dreams. I'm a dog mom, daughter, phenomenal Latina, social justice warrior, social worker, friend, Mija, marketing extraordinaire, and Thai food lover!

I wasn't always a powerhouse entrepreneur. 

I started my educational journey as a nurse which evolved into me completing my PT Aid Certification. Which later lead to me having the job of my nightmare. I worked hard labor-intensive hours in a doctor's office. My job consisted of helping patients recover from injuries with rehabilitation exercises. Don't get me wrong the work that I did was rewarding, but extremely draining. The burn out that I felt working with my colleges was unreal. 

I took a stern hard look at my life and knew it was time to spread my wings. The day that I quit my job I was offered a job during the legislative session. This is where my passion for social justice and communications was fostered. 

Working on social justice-based issues has been a multi-generational tradition in my family. I grew up in and around poverty. Having faced discrimination and adversity early on it has created a need in me to help women survive and thrive. In both their businesses and personal lives. 

In hindsight with all of the smores and lemonade stands that I ran growing up, I should have known there was an entrepreneur in the making. 

I'm probably sipping my mint tea and drinking a glass of white wine simultaneously dreaming of ways I can help women scale their businesses, grow revenue, and allow them to live their best authentic lives. 

You wanna know what I find thrilling? Helping women embody strengths they didn't know they had. Helping them reclaim who they truly are and turn their dreams into a reality. Allow me to be the Jiminy Cricket who whispers “yes you can Mija!"


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Growing up and to this day my family refers to me as Mija. Which means my daughter but is often used as a term of endearment. 


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Plant Killer 


I've always been Mercedes. Not Sadie or any other abbreviation, just Mercedes. I have a traditional Spanish name meaning Mary of Mercies.

One can't be good at everything. Succulents and cacti are the extent of my gardening. 

Voting is a fundamental process in a democratic system. It is an opportunity for necessary change. 

Dog Mama




A title I've proudly worn for the last five years. My little rescue pup Betty has taught me how to be selfless, forgive mistakes, and patients.

I often ask myself who rescued who. 

A feminist is a person who believes in the social and political equality of the sexes. I live a very intersectional life and embody an intersectional feminist ideology. 

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