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the montana mija.

Meet the gal who is going to help your business thrive.


in the game.

I'm the head bitch over here at Mija Marketing. Clearly, I'm not your average marketing gal & if you're here, you're definitely not an average brand. I'm all about pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and breaking rules.

Before I started my marketing business I interned at a government relations firm, I did one session at the State Capitol Lobbying. It was then I found my love for strategy and PR. I then moved on to be the director of marketing at a law firm (not gonna lie corporate marketing is not for me). That job really pushed me in ways I needed (but didn't always want). I then decided to use my creative energy and start my own marketing agency, and here I am. 



booking last minute flights//listening to murder mysteries// buying yoga pants //  snuggling my feisty pug// self help books // calling out the bullshit// being real AF

Pop some bubbly because we are celebrating your future success.
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