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Finding Your Target Audience In Cannabis

Between the number of laws and regulations on marketing and the diverse population that this industry serves it can be tricky finding your target audience. It takes some real grit and cutting-edge tools to stand out from the crowd.

First things first, identify consumer segments, what are their needs and goals. When you are creating a content marketing strategy this is the first step towards creating effective target marketing that appeals to the people in your area. Let’s take it to the next step, a more granular level. This requires putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes for a minute.

I encourage you to take notes, what is the overall feel of what your marketing content is communicating? Does it convey any of these qualities:

  • Authority

  • Compassion and empathy

  • Patience and understanding

  • Access to valid, evidence-based information

When marketing for medical marijuana you walk a fine line because you are not a doctor and not quite a peer. You are going to want to think about how you communicate with your audience in a professional, informative, and capturing way. Let’s go even deeper, if you really want to know what your consumer’s problem and the solution they are seeking, look no further. Take a look at your Google My Business page and your competitor's page. Patients are leaving reviews and sharing what their problem is and how you helped them.

This is a very specific type of market research, and it demands an investment of time and energy. Take it from our friends at Bloom, taking into consideration their customer's wants and needs not only benefits the customers but it makes us look like the leaders in the industry. Spend some time reading actual customers’ wants and concerns, and then begin writing as if to those specific people. There’s more to medical marijuana marketing, of course; much more.

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