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How to Fight Burnout

No.1 – Schedule Relaxation

Just like any other meeting on your color-coded calendar, it’s important to schedule blocks for experiences that make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.A common excuse people like to use is “I just don’t have time”. This is so easy to say but the reality is you can make time for anything. If you want it you will make time for it. So block out some time in your cal for workouts, a massage, reading, writing, Netflix… whatever makes you feel relaxed so that you can step back with a clear head.

No.2 – Take a Break

Just like you schedule in your relaxation time, find pockets in the day that you can take a walk, stand up and stretch or meditate to take your mind off your work. Even if it’s only a few minutes, it’ll make a world of difference and actually makes you even more productive.

No.3 – Book A Vacay

As an entrepreneur, there is never a dull moment, especially when running multiple businesses. So if you’re one of those people who hasn’t taken a vacation in years, it’s time to book that vacation [or staycation!] to avoid burnout. If you haven’t already, check out Sleepy Teepee.

Studies have shown that most people do not take their vacation days. If we’ve learned anything in the past year from COVID, it’s that slowing down is amazing for your mental health. You’re allowed to turn off once in a while, no matter if you run your own business or not.

No.4 – Seek Inspiration

If your work is suffering because you lack inspiration, then it’s time to look for motivation elsewhere. Even if you can’t book a getaway right now, you can still change your scenery. We have spent SO much time in our homes over the past year, so making small changes to your routine can make a huge difference. Try checking out a new coffee shop you’ve never been to, or taking your conference call while hiking! There are so many ways to get inspired again.

No.5 – Ask for Help

Whether you hire someone to take some tasks off your plate or seek out professional guidance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. Sometimes it’s as simple as admitting that you’re overwhelmed to a co-worker, family member, or professional to help shift your perspective and get you feeling more like you again!

I hope these tips help. We’d love to hear how you combat burn out.

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