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Mi Amor

Hey Boss Babes,

I’m here to wish you HAPPY VALENTINES, tell you that you are doing great, and I appreciate you! It’s nice to hear words like this, but we don’t need a special day to do this, right? Or maybe you do.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who are running from store to store to purchase the perfect personalized Galentines/Valentines card with a sparkly heart-shaped necklace to accompany it. Or maybe you are like me, Valentines day comes with emotional anxiety to express love to my girls (and my man) in a way that feels outdated and overwhelming.

No matter which Valentine’s category you fall under, I think we can all agree that this day brings a lot of pressure to perform, receive, and give love. Especially for women, am I RIGHT?!

This V-day I’m doing things a little differently. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the events and pressures of the day, I’m choosing to love myself, by myself. I will be devoting the day entirely to myself without spending a dime. I will silence the voices that tell me I need to settle down, that to feel love I need it given to me, the voices that tell me I should be doing more to feel validated. I’m getting rid of all those thoughts and moving in directions that fill my heart with joy.

What if instead of buying into this Hallmark holiday we lean into loving ourselves a little more? I encourage you to push those social norms to the side and test these new V-day boundaries and love YOU! Embrace who you are by yourself, as a strong, healthy, fierce, respected businesswoman. Write yourself a love letter! Cook yourself a meal! Declare February 14th and any other day you need the love to be YOUR DAY!

Love is meant to be unconditional, so don’t put restrictions or conditions on the love you deserve. Enjoy the day mija!


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