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Queen B’s Hemp Empire

The Queen (Beyonce) has spoken and she likes CBD. That’s right Beyonce Carter Knowles wife to rapper artist Jay Z is starting her own CBD line. Following in her hubby’s footsteps with his brand of cannabis products called Monogram. Beyonce was recently interviewed late this summer in Harper Bazaar’s magazine. She stated that on her last tour she discovered the healing properties of CBD, it helped her with inflammation, fatigue, and restless nights. During this time she also found healing properties in honey for both her and her kids. Beyonce said “and now I’m building a hemp and a honey farm. I’ve even got hives on my roof!”

What she didn’t state in her interview is if she’s going to take her honey and hemp supply to the market. Beyonce has been very private with what she shares with the public and how often. It would be presumptuous to think she’s going to sell her own line of CBD. She might leave that market up to her husband Jay for now. But regardless if she decides to sell or provide enough for herself, what she is doing is great.

Why do we say this? Well Beyonce is an influencer, a major pop culture icon, and she is well trusted. If Beyonce is going to speak out about a topic the world is going to listen. And when we have conversations about taboo topics the stigma is then broken. Here at Mija Markeitng we are all about breaking stigmas around the cannabis industry. It’s the people’s plant and it is here to stay.

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