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Self-care Tips for Tight Schedulers

Being a Boss Babe is hard work. Creating a healthy work-life balance for yourself isn’t easy. When things begin to pile up it can feel like there is not enough time in the day to do all of the things, let alone give yourself a minute to breathe. While it can be a challenge to prioritize your wellness, your body and mind need you to! Too many of us get to the point of total burnout or ugly crying at work before we realize it’s time to make some changes. As a 20-something boss babe, student, and USOW Ambassador I know how challenging it can be to set aside time for yourself. It’s hard creating those boundaries as a business owner because who wants to say no to money or even creating boundaries with loved ones? But if I don’t prioritize myself and my wellbeing, I’m no good to any of the people I care about.

1. Block schedule. Being more intentional with your time by building self-care into your schedule can save you from the natural overwhelm that comes with multiple hectic days in a row. Blocking out set times in your schedule to run, paint your nails, cook a meal are more likely to get done if you block out time for them. I try to plan most of my self-care on the same day each week. For me, it’s Fridays. My team knows that it’s when I schedule appointments with my therapist, trainer, or esthetician and that I’m not likely to be as available.

2. Learn how to say no. I know it feels terrible, letting someone down, but we can’t always be ‘yes’ people! It is healthy to set boundaries with your time. It’s time to start putting yourself first, and let go of your fear of disappointing people. In my experience, I find people respect me and my time more in the process of saying ‘no.’

3. Take advantage of the little gaps in your day. Whenever you find yourself with a few minutes to spare between meetings, use it! Take it as an opportunity to squeeze in some self-care. I like to catch up on my favorite podcasts, read something for fun, or sit down in a coffee shop while waiting for your drink. I find those little gaps in my day are when I can finally remind myself to take a deep breath, go to the bathroom. Tiny breaks can make a huge difference and leave you feeling recharged even when you have little to no time!

4. Enjoy the little moments. I often find it’s the little moments that bring me joy when I can remember to actually take a second and really experience them. I might wake up a little earlier to enjoy that first sip of coffee outside as the sun rises, or take a couple extra minutes to give my pet a few more morning cuddles. I try to remember to take a deep breath, count my blessings, and really take a moment to notice the good all around me. You’d be surprised how wonderfully satisfying little moments like that are and how they can boost your energy going into the rest of your day. One of my most peaceful memories is from 15 years ago. I was outside at the dog daycare where I worked and it was snowing so hard that the world was silent. It was such a powerful quiet that you don’t get to hear very often and if I think back to it I can feel the calm from that moment even now.

5. Go with the flow. Even with the best laid out plans to prioritize yourself, sometimes it just doesn’t work. If (or when) a situation comes up that you need to handle and your self-care plan has to change, go with the flow. Of course, it’s frustrating and sometimes even a little disappointing. When things come up, I can control my response by not getting angry and not allowing that negative energy to consume my body. Reassess your plan, find another time, and commit to that.

6. Promote a Self-Care Culture. Whether you manage a team or work within one, make sure you’re promoting the idea of self-care with everyone. Not everyone’s care plan is going to look the same and that’s ok, but if you notice someone who’s burning the candle at both ends not asking for help, check-in with them. Ask them if they need some time or space to take care of themselves. By modeling this behavior it not only encourages the team to practice self-care but keeps you accountable with your own self-care too. We fall into autopilot so easily with our work and lives and we forget life doesn’t always have to be serious. We need to find moments for fun and silliness and remember to ask for help when you need it.

How do you incorporate self-care into your schedule? Let me know in the comments!

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